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Our advisors

Guy Boy (STEAM education & Human Centered Design)
Guy Boy is a University Professor and Director of the Human-Centered Design Institute at Florida Institute of Technology. He is Chief Scientist for Human-Centered Design at NASA Kennedy Space Centre. Guy was the chair of the 2012 ISU team project that led to the Report “Space- One giant leap for education”.

Jeffrey Hoffman (Astronautics)
Professor of the Practice of Aerospace Engineering in MIT’s Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Dr. Hoffman was selected as a NASA astronaut in 1978 and served in the Astronaut Corps from 1978-1997, making five space flights and becoming the first astronaut to log 1000 hours of flight time aboard the Space Shuttle.

Richard Nunneley (Investor relations)
Richard is Chairman of Impact Investment Partners and EMAC Global Capital and sits on the Board of ASTIA a US based Philanthropic entrepreneur organization.
Richard has extensive emerging markets experience and nearly 30 years of discretionary portfolio management experience. A member of the London Stock Exchange from 1972, Richard is also Head of Charities at Dalton Strategic Partnerships, a $2.5 billion independent investment management firm. Richard has also been a Director at Mercury Asset Management, subsequently Merrill Lynch Investment Managers, and a Director at Cazenove Capital Management.

Chris Deering (Films, Games and Electronics)
Chris Deering was responsible for the launch of Sony PlayStation in over 60 countries as CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe for 8 years from 1995, after which he served as CEO of Sony Electronics in Europe 2004- 2005.
His 35 years of experience in consumer marketing includes 10 years with Gillette Corp, 10 years with Columbia Pictures (now Sony Pictures) as COO of international Video, and as Vice President- International with Atari computers and Spinnaker Educational Games, Chris now serves on numerous boards as an outside director in high tech entertainment, and was Chairman of Codemasters Games from 2006-2010.
He holds a MBA from Harvard Business School and is an alumnus of McKinsey&Co. In 2003, Chris was awarded a Bafta fellowship for lifetime contributions to the Interactive Entertainment industry.

Philip Ternouth (London Fusion on Corporate and Commercial Strategy)
London Creative and Digital Fusion Is a programme of support for creative and digital SMEs.
Philip Ternouth has extensive experience in both industry and in knowledge transfer in the Higher Education sector. He has considerable experience as a member of management teams in small companies, and remains active as a board member of technology SMEs. He brings a rigorous analytical approach to the development of companies and in particular how they can leverage external knowledge - such as that developed in universities - for the benefit of both company and university partners.
Philip is Associate Director of the Council for Industry and Higher Education (CIHE) a council of leading people from a wide range of businesses, universities and colleges.

Andrew Orr (Climate Change)
Dr Andrew Orr has been a scientist and Climate Modeller at the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) in Cambridge since 2009. He is responsible for regional and global atmospheric modelling within the Climate Programme at BAS, studying atmospheric flows and their effects on the weather and climate of Antarctica, and recent Southern Hemisphere climate change in response to the Antarctic ozone hole.

Risa Cohen – European Film Bonds (Finance and Production)
Risa Cohen is a production Executive at European Film Bonds who specializes in Crowd Funding and Completion Bonds.
Risa has worked for Kalisto, Infogrames, Exmachina Image and Disney. She has worked in collaboration with Square, Namco, NEC, Microprose, Universal studios, Warner Bros, Moulinsart and ABC television. In 2008 Risa Cohen started her own company, RC Productions, as an independent executive producer and consultant, providing production support to publishers and developers worldwide and specializes in risk management.

We draw from our rich network of active and retired astronaut and cosmonaut advisors as required.

Our partners

The European Space Agency logo
The European Space Agency, ESA.

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Spaceship Earth Grants.

Max-Planck-Gesellschaft logo
Max-Planck-Gesellschaft and the ICARUS program.

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Cosine measurement systems.

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The Overview Institute.

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Armagh Planetarium.

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Culture Label.

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Ko Su.

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The National Space Centre.

Ethical policy

Space Synapse is an innovative company with the vision and ability to communicate and share the human experience of space travel in a revolutionary way. At Space Synapse, we recognise that our impact, through the provision of audiovisual communications devices and high-tech sensorial interfaces, can be more far-reaching and profound than the direct impact of our actual operations, so we feel it necessary to set out precisely what ethical standards govern the types of businesses we would and would not offer services to.

Only where no conflict with our ethical commitments is identified is a business offered our services. Equally, we will always decline investment opportunities, regardless of any potential financial gain, that contravene our principles.

Commitment to the Peaceful Use of Space
We are currently witnessing great strides in the development of space technologies. While these are exciting times indeed, there is reasonable cause, given the global political climate, to be concerned about the negative, non-peaceful use and exploration of outer space. Space Synapse’s policy of providing products and services for civilian, rather than military, enterprises stems from the belief that the common interest of humankind as a whole is served by the peaceful use of outer space. Space Synapse will not invest in or accept investment from any enterprise, private or public, which fails to demonstrate its likeminded commitment to the ethical guidelines enshrined in United Nations General Assembly Resolution 1472, put forth by the U.N. Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space.

Space Synapse recognises that it is possible for space technology companies, having been involved with the military industry in the past, to convert or reconvert to non-military sectors, putting their skills to the service of improving human condition instead. We at Space Synapse actively promote and foster such reconverted companies, and will only engage in commercial relations with such companies if their reconversion to peaceful use is sincere, absolute and irrevocable.

Commitment to Corporate Responsibility
We at Space Synapse recognise the need for organisations to consider the good of wider communities and to commit to sustainable development in all business operations. We believe that an enterprise’s management of sensitive economic, social and environmental issues is critical to long-term business success and that investors’ interests must be aligned with the interests of all stakeholders, including the wider public interest. Therefore, Space Synapse will not invest in or accept investment from any enterprise which fails to meet generally recognised standards of economic, social and environmental responsibility.

Commitment to Human Rights
Commitment to human rights means that Space Synapse will not invest in or accept investment from any enterprise which fails to uphold basic human rights within its sphere of influence.

Commitment to Our Principles
Our commitments to the peaceful use of space, to corporate responsibility, to the environment, and to human rights, serve as guiding principles for every decision made by the Board of Directors in every area of the Space Synapse business. Our fundamental goal is to have a positive influence on the communities and markets, local and global, that we have an effect on.

Through the support of our partners and investors, Space Synapse will probe and influence aspects of modern culture, harmonizing work and leisure activities through the use of cultural sensorial interfaces, on earth and in Space.

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