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Who we are

Space Synapse is a leader in digital space education and space awareness games, fusing innovation, creativity, space science, space experience, and simulation with a rich network of relationships for immersive and online participation.
Founded by Anna Hill in 2003 (creative space entrepreneur/ innovator) and later joined by Frank White, (space philosopher and author of The Overview Effect: Space Exploration and Human Evolution), Overview* will be our inaugural theme, focusing on the shift of perspective experienced by astronauts viewing the Earth from space and in space.
Beginning in 2003, and predicting the necessity for a new vision-led space perspective that included social, environmental, ethical, and sustainable entrepreneurship and active citizenship engagement with the space sector, we are the first movers in creating innovative space education and space simulation engagement tools. We are taking a new systems approach to a participatory and enquiry-based education platform.
We think globally and act locally, connecting people across continents and digital divides with spaceflight experiences, encouraging collective and cooperative active participation in a new space movement that advocates “space for all.”
The core team has been enhanced by the addition of two experienced managers in 2012. Michelle Kotler, a space scientist, and Matthew Wardle, a web developer with deep experience in education software development.
Through our unique network of relationships, we engage with real-life human spaceflight experience and Earth observation utilising online and location-based engagement tools for “bringing space to Earth".

What we do

Using human spaceflight documentation, spacecraft data feeds, and the satellite technology platform for distributing high quality digital content and remote sensing data, we have created the Space Synapse System for repurposing and simulating the experience of space exploration boldly and creatively as frontier “innovation software architecture".
We are combining the creative vision and transformational social and environmental values of the company, and the large market pull of the education and software markets, with a renewed public appetite for space experiences, including ecological, humanitarian, and ethical planetary stewardship. We have endorsements from the international space community, including former astronauts, international space agencies, such as NASA and ESA, the International Space University, and a new emerging ecosystem of public and private space organizations.
With the support of our partners, we utilise and repurpose human spaceflight, space science data flows, and environmental information using bold and creative vision and data visualizations and software innovations for exhilarating space experiences that support enquiry-based learning.
Space Synapse and Earth Rider are launching the following space education cross-platform products sequentially to market across the UK and Ireland in 2014/15:
Educational products and services (apps, e-learning and curriculum packs), an online delivery portal for our STEAM (Science/Technology Engineering/Arts/Maths) products and services with European Space Agency support.


We invite interested parties to contact our founding entrepreneur and CEO, Anna Hill, to initiate further discussions and to request a full version of our Executive Summary.

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Footage from the International Space Station is courtesy of the Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit, NASA Johnson Space Centre.
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